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Bavaria Yachts USA

What they say

From the get-go, KODA has proven to be talented, committed, flexible, creative and business-driven.

Kenny Feld Managing Director of Bavaria Yachts USA

Bavaria Yachts USA already had several marketing companies competing for their business when they approached us early in 2011. Unlike the other companies, however, we didn't have any sailing experience. Bavaria Yachts was initially hesitant to engage a marketing company who didn't understand the wind in your face on the blue water. But they quickly came about when they realized our savvy marketing experience combined with our design excellence could help them dominate the luxury sailing market in the U.S.

Focusing initially on brand development, we created an aggressive messaging platform that hit the hot buttons of their audience. Next, we applied an elegant website design to showcase this messaging and engage their audience. To create a total brand experience, we quickly shifted to managing all aspects of their marketing and advertising strategy.

One of our goals was to bring a freshness to the sailing industry that had been missing for many years. Ironically, our lack of experience in this industry is what has allowed Bavaria to outdistance their competition. We are doing things differently, more aggressively, while maintaining a high level of class and sophistication. Additionally, we are implementing advertising and marketing plans around ideas that have not been used in this space before. And it's working.

While the competition appears to be headed for some choppy waters, Bavaria plans to expand nationwide in a 36-month window. They are setting their course for success.