Client Showcase

Sensible Money

Sensible Money offers financial planning for pre-retirees. A traditionally drab, boring space, Founder Dana Anspach asked us to push the edges. As a result, Sensible Money is drastically different from their competitors. It takes courage to be noticeably different in the marketplace. Invariably, you will not appeal to everyone. But here’s the flipsid – Sensible Money’s massive differentiation leads to intense connectedness for those who find their message fresh, edgy, smart, and even fun.

And it's working. The Sensible Money brand is bringing in the clients. And even better, it’s bringing in the right clients that Dana and her staff absolutely enjoy working with, and, who in turn, refer their like-minded friends.

When I began working with KODA, they said that when we were done "the phones would ring". I laughed and replied, "Not in my business. It doesn't work that way." I'm delighted to find out I was wrong.
Founder of Sensible Money