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Top 5 Branding Mistakes

As you might expect, we have encountered a wide variety of brands over the course of many years at KODA. Some become clients and some do not. Everything from one-person entities to large corporations. Their org charts and revenue vary greatly, as does their understanding of what it takes to create a remarkable brand. You might find that a seasoned CEO completely understands the value of an effective brand while a small mom-and-pop operation does not, and very much vice versa.

The Impact of the Online Evolution on Luxury Brands Status Quo and Implications for their Future Marketing Strategy

Digital is revolutionizing everything about how we communicate as a society. At this point, it’s so saturated into the daily lives of all consumers that in order to conduct any commerce of any kind a brand would need to understand at least a basic level of how to engage digitally in some fashion. Luxury businesses are working hard to understand how to engage in digital communications. Some are very progressive while others are a bit antiquated.

Luxury Brand Services Firms Spark City and KODA Create Strategic Alliance

New York – September 30, 2015 – Spark City, a professional services firm with a focus on pricing and positioning for luxury products and services, today announced a strategic alliance with Phoenix-based luxury brand strategy firm KODA. The two companies have inked a deal giving premium product and service providers a full-service solution that engages customers from brand strategy through the sales cycle.

If Luxury Brands Packaged And Sold Everyday Groceries...

Based in Israel, artist Peddy Mergui has come up with an intriguing series that explores what it would be like if luxury brands packaged and sold everyday groceries.