Connect with the Heart & Soul of the Affluent

KODA delivers inventive, relevant marketing that springs directly from your brand's core values. Our process delivers results beyond traditional marketing with messaging that is clear, consistent, compelling and concise.

This is storytelling on a very large scale that elevates the sense of a brand’s value in the customer’s heart. We've all known and loved brands like that. They're iconic parts of our lives that evoke memories, help define who we are, where we came from and whom we shared our lives with.

KODA builds brands to span the test of time. It may sound a bit like magic, but look closer and you’ll see it’s a well-executed strategy of Branding, Marketing and Design.


Your brand is not a logo and a product. It's an emotional connection that can become a life changer and ever-turning kiosk upon which your customer tags memories. By infusing a brand with emotional attributes, KODA creates a sticky brand that conjures up memory after memory, turning customers into raving fans.

Brand Strategy

KODA’s approach to brand strategy is all encompassing, including brand language, visual identity development and premium positioning. All these elements are designed to place you in the storyteller’s seat to connect your brand with the affluent.

Brand Identity

What do you stand for? What values need to be effectively communicated through the visual execution of your brand? We help uncover the emotional touchpoints that act as the glue to create strong bonds in a memorable way.

Brand Execution

Consistency is king. It's how you build trust with your audience. We help manage your brand across all channels with the consistent identity, voice and messaging your brand needs to thrive.


Marketing is an ongoing strategy of aligning your messaging to fit your customer’s emotional needs and choosing the right channels to distribute your messaging.

It starts with an understanding of what makes your customers tick emotionally, and an analysis of what channels can best carry the story behind your product. But it doesn’t end there.


While turning your features into benefit statements satisfies the logical needs for your product, weaving a story into the message draws on the emotional wants in your customer. It connects to the heart and soul of your customer by alluding to the experience of using your product--and even more importantly, to the lifestyle of the affluent fans behind your brand.

By selling the intangibles of experience and lifestyle, luxury brands transcend mere monetary value into the realm of worth that’s attached to the product and to the person who purchases the product.

Managing the Messaging

Leveraging your messaging by keeping initiatives in sync lets you maximize the return on your investment.

KODA helps you explore ways to mindfully allocate resources, budgets and creative effort. This multi-tiered approach attunes your brand to the invisible forces of the market. It’s how to pull on the heartstrings of the affluent and hit critical mass.

Thinking on the Fringes

Marketing strategy evolves with the marketplace. What’s working today isn’t found in any manual. Are you trying new ideas? Are you stuck in the same path year after year? Even a successful brand may be leaving substantial revenue on the table.

KODA is not afraid to challenge your comfort zone with the uncomfortable and downright wild idea. It may be just the initiative that nudges your brand over the tipping point.


Design matters, period.

Consumers of luxury brands expect original design that is rich and compelling. While being refined and sophisticated, the lens of the affluent is attracted to the established and outlier brands alike.

Passionate. Challenging. A bit avant-garde. Brands that’s aren’t afraid to shake up the status quo with design that stands alone...until it becomes the envy of all.

Is Luxury Design Different?


While not all luxury brands seek the same fans, they all seek higher price positioning and strong customer loyalty. Only a remarkable visual experience can evoke the appropriate value perception to establish your brand’s desirability and intrinsic worth.

The KODA design process takes into consideration the emotional attributes of your market. This assessment assures the design goes beyond “looking cool” to engage the right market on a lifestyle level.

All Media Types

Design today needs to be media-agnostic. Simply stated, it needs to transcend the media to deliver an authentic experience across every platform--print, digital and large format (trade shows, signage).

Meeting the technical requirements of the medium is easy (well, mostly!). The real challenge is to deliver the same design experience regardless of the device or format the customer uses to engage with your brand. For a genuine look and feel, your brand needs to be consistent every time your customer lays eyes on you.

KODA has the experience to know what works well in each application. Our knowledge ensures consistency in experience while maintaining high quality standards.

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