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Hideoki Bespoke

What they say

Every recommendation that KODA has presented was well thought out, both from a strategic and tactical perspective across all areas of our project.

Dedrick Thomas President of Hideoki Bespoke

How do you take a brand to the next level? That was the challenge with Hideoki Bespoke. A little-known but exceptional bespoke clothier, they competed with the best in the country to service a well-heeled clientele known for their exquisite and discerning taste.

Having just expanded his business, owner Dedrick Thomas needed to attract precisely these types of clients (and many of them) to his new showroom, located in the heart of Atlanta’s famed Buckhead.

Dressed in rich mahogany paneling and rare antiques, with an elegant bar offering fine spirits and wine, this showroom set the stage for his grand vision. And Dedrick demanded a grand business-building strategy to match—from marketing consulting and brand positioning, to web design, print, packaging and more.

The Hideoki brand needed to be point-on, crisp, and well-articulated. It also needed to speak to Hideoki Bespoke’s true differentiator: Their garments custom-fit the body with a styling so personalized to the person’s goals and aspirations that only the owner can wear the garment.

This went beyond communicating the feel of the fabric, the ambiance of the showroom, or the custom-fit of the garment. It also went far beyond what the competition was doing.

KODA engaged to create a brand from the ground up with the right photography, messaging, and design that imparted the Hideoki experience by infusing it, so it could be known directly by the senses. A little north of being well-executed, it was a strategy that benefitted from a certain mystique wrapped into all the elements. It is this mystique that draws in the client—first into the Hideoki story, and then into their showroom.

Today, Hideoki is making a huge splash in the bespoke clothing world. And Hideoki doesn’t think it’s by chance that the work we’ve done is directly related to his company’s success.