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Connect with David

Connect with David

David has lived the life of an avid marketer and businessman for the past 17 years. His passion has led him down a path of diversity, working with businesses both small and large. He has helped countless startup companies with varying amounts of capital thrive and capture market share while lowering marketing costs, breaking into new markets and building tangible brand equity. The breadth of his experience spans luxury consumer goods, aerospace, technology, healthcare, retail, biotechnology, manufacturing to name a few.

Being an entrepreneur himself, David is well versed on the trials and tribulations of starting a business and developing a sound marketing strategy. This experience enables David to see through the lens of a marketer, but also a business owner. Most companies he has worked with were either aiming to obtain a status of luxury or premium positioning against their competitors, or already were and needed assistance refining their approach.

David's core competencies run deep in the following areas: business development, brand positioning, strategic marketing, online marketing, design, and campaign development. David prides himself on tying various components of a marketing plan together in order to create an organized and integrated plan. His approach is holistic by nature which allows all facets to work together in unison, thus creating fantastic results and synergy.

David's expertise is best explained by a long-time client, "David has the uncanny ability to connect a business to the exact audience it seeks." Having not come from a large agency background, David has developed a hybrid approach to marketing that is leaner and meaner than those who have been trained to follow a status quo, thus limiting the creative process while solving marketing problems. He believes in breaking rules and getting uncomfortable. It is an important attribute for a business to succeed and differentiate itself in the highly competitive landscape of today.

After years of consulting for various businesses, KODA became the brainchild of David in 2004. Alongside KODA, David has had his hands in various partnerships that include businesses in aviation, luxury consumer goods, online publications, etc. David has utilized his skills to make businesses successful for the past 17 years. He has been recognized by Arizona Business Magazine and BizAZ Magazine as a Top Ten in advertising and a Young Entrepreneur of the Year.

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